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To empower outdoor enthusiasts with meticulously designed, durable, and eco-friendly products that enrich their outdoor journeys, making nature accessible to all.


HTI offers end-to-end business chain solutions, reducing Asia sourcing risks through trusted trade partnerships and identifying top manufacturers for your products.

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Founded in 1993 Kunshan Variety Plastic & Hardware (KTK) is an international corporation specialized in manufacturing and supplying various blow molding products.

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At Paraden, we blend paradise's essence with garden beauty, creating serene havens. With our expert tools and passion for horticulture, unlock your garden's true potential. Join us in cultivating your own breathtaking paradise.

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No Worriez

Our story began with a vision: to make safety simple. We believed everyone deserved easy protection for their valuable assets. That's why we crafted the Gas Timer – to let you focus on savoring the moments while it takes care of the rest.

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