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We believe that outdoor recreation is not only a hobby, but a way of life. We are passionate about creating products that enable everyone to enjoy the beauty and adventure of nature, regardless of their age, ability, or background.
We are committed to delivering quality, innovation, and sustainability in everything we do. We are not just a company, but a community of outdoor enthusiasts who share the same vision and values. We are here to inspire and empower you to explore the world with confidence and joy.
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━━ Starting from 1989 ━━
Originating as a small family workshop in 1989, the company grew into a business offering B2B services and later opened a factory in 1993 for expanded customer options. Since 2020, it has invested in its own outdoor lifestyle brands, providing gear solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, promoting the outdoors as a way of life beyond just sports activities.
In 1989, HTI was established in Taiwan, renowned for its hand tools, starting as a small company with only 4 employees.
HTI experienced a substantial increase in sales, which was both a triumph and a trial. We were tasked with delivering 1 million Tool Kits to various U.S. warehouses by a specific date.
The company gradually began to grow and expand, and we started to provide customers with more high-quality one-stop services.
In 1993, to better serve our customers, we established a blow molding factory in China, offering customers more choices.
As we entered the new millennium, we invested in developing our own brands, dedicating ourselves to the research, development, and expansion of outdoor leisure products.
With 35 years of industry experience and brands promotion, we integrated all our product lines and business units to establish the HexKernel Group, dedicated to providing the best consumer experience for our customers and end users.

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Explore the outdoors solo through activities like hiking, or create lasting memories with family and friends. Outdoor recreation offers diverse experiences, from solitary adventures to shared joyous moments, catering to both individual seekers and social gatherings.


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Because we were there and did it. When you choose us, you will feel the benefits of our 35 years+ of practice and practice.

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OutDOOR Safety

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Start the timer, then relax and enjoy the grilling process. 

check_circle   Installable on any gass appliance
check_circle   All-weather durability design
check_circle   Mechanical design
Outdoor Gardening

Outstanding features improved on new generation products

Premium Quality and Design
Durable & Comfortable
Enhance your gardening experience
Hand Tools

Making it work

HTI offers hand tool customers the most comprehensive, highest quality, and widest variety of hand tool options.

check_circle   One-stop solution
check_circle   In-house RD team support
check_circle   35+ years experience
Blowmolding process

Factory in China/Vietnam

Multipule choice for different need
Best location for shipping arrangement
30+ years experience



Turn your garden into a blooming masterpiece with our enchanting flower-shaped nozzle! Feel the magic as beauty meets functionality, sprinkling joy in every spray.

Guardian Shield

Gas Timer: Your Safety Armor. Protect your home with automatic shut-off, ensuring peace of mind and a secure environment

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Revolutionize your business with our tailored solution—innovative, scalable, and designed to elevate efficiency, empowering you for sustained success.

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